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1920s cocktail dresses

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-I wanna say now any stupid comments will be deleted-
Today, I wore a dress to school. Not for a laugh, or a joke, but as an experiment, to see how the people around me would react to this change. I am a male, I identify with that and have the biological physical male traits, I am comfortable with this, some people are not comfortable with themselves , that is okay. The general reception was great, teachers and majority of students were accepting and asked a lot of questions. But as I expected, there was also a lot of negativity, photos taken without asking, name calling, attempts at grabbing without permission, sexist remarks simply “because I was dressing like a girl” and quite a lot of laughter. My dress was 3CM above my knee (we measured) that’s not very /short at all, especially compared to many students you will see. If a guy wants to wear a dress he is not “gay” or “dressing as a girl” he is wearing what he wants to wear, and what makes him comfortable, even as a uniform, if a female is wearing pants as uniform instead of a dress or skirt, she is not a “dyke” or “lesbian” she is comfortable. The old times are over, let people do as they want, as long as it doesn’t directly harm you then don’t say anything. 1920s cocktail dresses
I’m not telling you to wear a dress, quite frankly I didn’t like it, but some guys will, and that’s okay, while I won’t wear a dress again any time soon, I hope this helps people understand why I did it. And if you are someone reading this, wanting to wear an item of clothing that’s suppose to be for the opposite sex, do it. I did, why can’t you?

Big thank you to all supportive people today and especially Mikayla for supplying the dress and Lydia for the idea and encouragement to do it

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