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Ucenter Dress strapless prom formal wears

Spring spring spring! Winter is TOAST in only 43 more days. And why not dream spring along even faster with a happy new outfit?!

If you use my link below, the fee is waived right now (WOOT), so it's TOTS free to try. And try you must: there's no subscription to cancel. The shipping is free both ways. All you do is drop what you don't want into their bag and stick it in a mailbox. You do not have to fold. You do not even need tape. It is THAT effortless.

Then a pretty box appears on your doorstep (on any day you choose) with a wrapped bundle of things that a stylish lady picked for you. What's in there? Fucking fun surprises are in there. That you can try on alone, at home, like the quiet introvert you are. Well, if you are an extrovert, I suppose you could try them on at yoga or something.

You can ask for anything as vague or detailed as you like: 'head to toe outfit', 'mix and match pieces for a weekend away', or 'I'm in a rut, good god! Make me edgy and chic again'.

Or fix a wardrobe problem:
New mom with huge boobs - help!
Hipster nerd clothes for art job interview
Five dresses to try on for a beach wedding
Upgrade my day off look so I feel cool instead of comatose.

You can even pick your favorite musician or TV character and ask for a tribute look.

If you are scared of clothing but want to try, then call me because I love doing the profile and request notes! I will come over and doula your secret style needs into your account. Over the years my wardrobe has rounded out with cool, comfy, cozy, pretty SF faves. They get a lot of loving looks from other women. I was at Verve in Bangor and this sharp-dressed woman came up to me and smiled: "I LOVE your jacket!". It's a rusty orange trench and I could tell she wanted to touch the sleeve. One day I fully expect to be trench-jacked. I'll have the stylists of Stitch Fix to blame. Love, Mica Ucenter Dress strapless prom formal wears

Try a personal stylist, risk free! | Stitch Fix You've got to try Stitch Fix! With a personal stylist, shopping has never been easier. Use my link and they’ll waive the $20 styling fee for your first box. Hand picked items sent to your door with free shipping and returns!stitchfix.com