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''one of the burdens of being poor(referring to those living in poor conditions), in a capitalist system, is to not look poor, even though the system by it's nature produces poor masses[(thus we not suppose to be ashame of being poor(it not in our nature), we shouldn't blame ourselves for being poor(it not our fault), that doesn't mean we should accept being poor, we collectively must forge means to elevate ourselves to a desirable living state)],the system produces poor masses, while it promotes The-elite(White minority), but The-poor(Black majority) are expected not to look poor(this enforced expectation to poor masses, benefits the system greatly financial), The-poor also unconsciously internalize this expectation(thus become community of the consumers), hence it's norm to dress one's poverty, but on the other hand The-elite(community of the producers) might walk barefooted, dress like ''hobos''(they will be refer to as Hippies, in South Africa it will be phrase as it's-their-culture(Afrikaaners), The-elite go as far as not embodying the system's image of being neat and clean(not bathing or showering twice a day), when The-elite keep their facial hair(it becomes a fashion statement or a symbol of manhood), not use any deodorant(they are seen as being natural), live in the bushes(its refer to as camping, not squattercamps of poor masses), live in the mountains(it refer to as exploring, hunting expedition), use hards or plants for medication, plant their own food(they are refer to as being organic, herbalist), driving old cars(the vintage car collectors or lovers). when you are poor, you 'have' to look not poor, you 'have' to look as someone who is affording(eager to spend as a demonstration), when you are poor you 'have' to look ''neat and clean''(eager to buy expensive toiletry and spend money, you don't have on the barber, every week). even the relationships(intimate or platonic) of The-poor are base on the buying power or the illusion of the buying(owning a expensive vehicle) power one is perceive to have, one chooses friends, intimate parters using this enforced expectation(few will befriend or date someone who look poor or not affording, not neat and clean). while The-elite continue to consolidate there position and status, there relationships forged on or around assets(property, shares, family and friendship business). i think we can save a lot of money, by not trying so hard to look affording or not poor, this is the money we can use to 'educate' ourselves, our kids, this is the money collectively we can use to build our institutions(Kilombo as an example.'' UcenterDress maxi evening gowns