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A few days late, but marking the 100 year anniversary since women (and not even all women!) were allowed to take part in one of the most important duties we can undertake as people within a democracy. This signifies a change in time and attitude towards seeing woman as more than assests to their male counterparts - they were beginning to be recognised as individuals with their own thoughts and opinions. As a young woman today, I am incredibly proud of those who fought to kickstart a revolution for feminists' which has allowed me to be able to dress as I like, say what I like, work for the job I want and achieve my aspirations without the same barriers women had in the past. Even now these things have limitations in that clothing and speech women choose to wear and say still comes under heavy scrutiny and question - "she was asking for it!" However, women all over the world are testimony in the work, art, music, poetry and scientific/ academic work which has progressed our society forward. There is still a long way to go, 6 female Russian astronauts were asked how they would cope in space without being able to do their hair or be in the company of men for example, but I believe more women of this generation are growing up in an exciting era full of wonderful opportunities. There are new prospects we can be apart of regardless of having a vagina and pair of boobs! Be an engineer, a scientist, a fireperson, join the army, be a teacher and show just how much we can contribute with a vote! I speak from a privileged perspective of being white and living in a democratic country. The opportunities I have as a woman are vastly different from those of colour or living in poorer countries that still hold on to damaging age old assumptions on the place and objectification of woman. Rape, abuse, gentile mutilation, domestic abuse and pay gaps are still happening - a lot. To have the right to vote comes with a responsility to use it. To have the right to speak about these issues on social media comes with the responsibility to be an agent of change. We should recognise how far we've come but consider how disproportionate this progress has been across the world and accept we must be the ones to make change. ball gown wedding dresses with train

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How women won the right to vote. # 100years