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black lace cocktail dresses

Be sure to save CROW's upcoming fundraising events to your diary!
- We are hosting a Fun Day on the 24th of March to raise funds for our clinic. As we treat over 300 animals a month, we are required to keep up with daily costs to ensure that we provide our animals with the best around-the-clock-care. Therefore, all the funds raised at our Fun Day will be used for the upgrade of our clinic and clinic necessities. Join us for a day filled with fun filled family activities! black lace cocktail dresses
- Our formal Black Tie event is taking place on the 18th of May. It's time to dust off your suit and evening dresses and join us for an elegant cultural evening. All funds raised at this event goes towards our operating costs.
- Indulge in an evening of delicious cheese and wine on the 1st of June at our education centre. The funds raised at our Wine and Cheese evening will go towards the improvement of our education system.
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