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[2/2, 2:33 AM] ? ? ? BUSANJ ? ? ? : I have always been the quiet type.
The type who talked less and observed more. I was always being bullied at a point in junior secondary school because of my calmness.
I used to be a happy child before life hit me. At a point in my life I begged for death.
As a child I was plain stupid to have begged for it.
I remember when I was little, my mum would tell me “Eriel don’t sit on any man’s lap. All men are the same”
As a child I was naive. Little did I know what she meant.
As I grew older it came to my realisation that my mother had been using herself for example.
All men are the same and no matter how good they were , they would still look out.
She had been talking about my father.
He had been a good man, but that hadn’t stopped him from looking outside or even making advances on the maids.
My mother loved him still even with everything he did.
Even after he had passed away.
Well this is not her story, so I wouldn’t go into details.
My name is Eriel and this is the story of how I became a woman.
Episode 1
I remember the first s-x education I had.
It was scary. My mum shakened up my bones in just one sentence.
“If you get pregnant, you would go and live with father’s family”
I sure as heck wasn’t planning to. So I nodded frantically and swore that I was never going to have s-x.
Until marriage though.
I remember the first time I saw my period and I got all manner of lectures.
“If a man touches you, Pam! You would get pregnant” a cousin told me.
“When a man stops you, don’t wait to listen to what he has to say, run!!” Another told me.
I was really scared. And I made sure to abide by this rules.
When I got to jss2 I read my first novel. It was a thriller, mixed with a little bit of romance.
I still remember the title.
“When darkness comes” although I have forgotten the writer’s name.
I loved the story, especially the romance part. I learnt things that I had no knowledge of.
My second novel was an harlequin novel, given to me by mum’s friend when I was in Jsss2 (my mum had no idea what the content held, because if she had, she wouldn’t have let me read it).
The novel was titled “society bride” and it was even more explicit than the first novel. I discovered that when I read some scenes I had butterflies in my stomach and I felt a little funny down there.
I got addicted to this novels as I grew older. Since I couldn’t have s-x. I read alot.
I remember reading the three parts of fifty shades of grey even long before the movie came out.
That was my first Bdsm story. And as much as I loved it and it got me all wet, I still couldn’t imagine being Anastasia. I guess Bdsm wasn’t my thing after all.
I remember being addicted to “Kanye interrupted me” stories on w-----d. He wrote so beautifully.
His writing was explicit.
It was magical.
I kept on reading books since I was not allowed to have s-x.
I remember my first real experience with the opposite s-x.
It was with my mum’s friend nephew who always came to visit.
I was about twelve years old at that time and I barely had any b----t.
God knows I still wonder what he saw in me.
Uncle Seun was really nice to me.
He was always nice to me.
He was extremely nice to me.
And little did I know why. Well, I later got to realise why.
It was a sunny afternoon (I can’t remember the day) I was washing the dishes and that was when he came unto me. Using his body to press me to the sink and grabbing my barely grown b----t.
It was painful. I think the ladies in the house would understand what I mean.
I used all the little strength in me to push him away. I threatened to report to my mum and he started pleading.
Telling me that he didn’t know what got into him.
I didn’t report to my mum but my hate for him grew every day .
I began to wonder why the feeling I got wasn’t the same feelings I get when reading my stories.
I also remember my second experience. Well, I wouldn’t call it an experience because we weren’t physical.
I had just turned sixteen and I went out with my cousin in festac. We went to her kotonu boyfriend’s house. I can’t really remember what business he was into but he was making it big time.
So we went to her boyfriend’s house and we were about leaving when her boyfriend’s boss drove in.
This man was fine with curly hair and all.
I swear fine was even an understatement. He was Lebanese I think.
Immediately he drove in, our eyes met and in my mind, it was teenage love. Lol. How foolish and naive I was!
He told us he wanted to take us out, and my cousin agreed, inviting two of my other cousins to tag along.
So we went out and the Lebanese guy had eyes only for one girl.
I wondered what he saw when he looked at me.
If it was my flat round standing b-----s or my barely there bum bum. Lol.
I was dressed like one who was going to church and my cousins were dressed way hotter.
I still can’t phantom why he picked me.
His gaze never left my face. And even if I was a bit naive I knew what the look on his face was but I pushed it to the back of my mind.
Well, he finally told me to come closer and he asked how old I was.
I told him the truth, that I had just turned sixteen.
He stared at me in open mouthed shock before crashing my teenage fantasy with his nasty words.
“So that means no man has ever fvcked you before”
After he said this words, I hated him. I didn’t care about how fine he was or how much he was worth.
My dislike for him grew immediately. No one had ever spoken so rudely and vulgar to me before.
I didn’t answer him. I just threw my face away .

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episode 2
I remember when I got admission into the university and I made a vow never to date any guy in school.
I had just been sixteen at that time.
I hated the course I was studying because that wasn’t what I wanted.
I hated the school I was in because I had so many monitoring spirits watching me (reason why my mum had made me go there. Her cousin worked there too)
Well asides from that, in my 100lvl my cousins wanted to open me to the world.
I remember one of them telling me this,
“Na me go find person wey go disvirgin her”
And in my head I was like. See you. You don’t even know.
I had my own plans. I wasn’t ready to be disvirgined. It frightened me to the bones.
My first night out was with them. I remember wearing a very short leather hugging dress that was barely covering my bum to the club.
It was my first time to drink and I failed drastically at it.
I couldn’t remember a thing that happened that night.
The next morning I was told about how I couldn’t walk on a straight line and how I spoke until the next morning.
I knew my limit that day and I made sure never to exceed that limit.
In my 200lvl I moved into the hostel because of a rape incident that happened in my cousins house in 100lvl.
I felt I was safe already. Well, I was.
I made the most amazing friends while on campus.
They were smart and fun to be with. Unlike the friends I made in my first year.
It was in my 200lvl that I finally broke my promise not to date any tom d--k or harry from my school.
Well, I was tired of being insulted by my department boys.
Because I wasn’t dating any of them made me a lesbian(so they said). *rolls eyes*
My love for abs and pacs is legendary, so why would I want to go for anything less?
Well I finally started seeing a guy in my school. I told him that there would be no s-x in the relationship. Lol.
I guess that was what scared him away.
We lasted for just one month before he came with the excuse of emotional trauma.
Trauma ni, trauma kor.
He had seen mumu. I knew why he came up with the excuse. He wasn’t getting sh!t from me.
Too bad that at a point, I thought I had liked him.
After we broke up, I dedicated all my time in church.
I became a worker in church and then afterwards the sister’s coordinator.
I had a triangle lifestyle at that point in my life. From hostel to church and then to class.
I was single for a long while though.
I remember having a massive crush on this guy called Israel. We were friends but we couldn’t date because he was a leader.
I remember going to his house once and we kissed. Lol
It was my first real kiss and I had thought that it was divine. So basically, I had my first kiss when I was ninteen.
Well I actually thought I was going to be single forever.
I remember a girl telling me that she had a dream about me on how I got married to an old man.
For a moment I got scared. Most men who came unto me were older men.
I remember a man following me home, wanting me to enter his car so we could talk. I ran home that day. You won’t blame me. I had just been sixteen.
Or Ali the Lebanese guy with the perverted tongue.
Or the married man (who was hiding that he was) who always drove down to my school to see me, begging me to come to his place.
Or the lecturers who wanted me to be their special friend.
Or my mum’s friend, uncle Phil who tried kissing me.
Or the Matured Engineer who came to Bayelsa for a contract, begging me to spend a weekend with him, promising to give me heaven and earth.
The list went on and on. And for a moment I got scared that it was going to come to pass.
At age 21 I was still a virgin and my love for s-x stories grew stronger.
The harlequin novels I started with was no longer enough for me.
I needed something stronger and more detailed. And that was when I discovered Marian Tee.
Her books were mainly about virgins and they were hot hot hot.
I couldn’t get enough of them. I downloaded all her ebooks and read them all.
One would think that at the age of 21 I would have been thinking of getting disvirgined. But no, I wasn’t ready for that yet.
I remember when I saw my call up letter. I was so angry because it hadn’t been the state I wanted.
But I was going to camp with one aim, to mix up.
And I did.
I met so many people, spoke with a lot of guys but I was never out late at mami market after parade.
I remember seeing all kinds of funny and weird people. Lol.
I remember seeing a guy that I crushed on from afar. Trust me when I say it was really bad considering the fact I never spoke to him. Lol.
I remember meeting my ex boyfriend who had the emotional trauma. Come to think that he was all over me in camp and I wasn’t even giving him the time of the day.
I remember meeting my recent ex boyfriend in camp.
Believe me when I say I hadn’t planned to date him.
He had a leg issue and he was being punished by a soldier.
I felt sorry for him because I could see the pain written all over his face. I tried to reach out to him after parade but I stopped.
I remember going to the hall to take my alawee when I saw him again.
This time I asked him about his leg and he said he was better.
The next day he came to talk to me but I was friendly and distant.
I remember him being on my case and me not paying so much attention.
I really can’t remember how we started dating but it just happened.
I loved him at a point reason why I was blinded by so many things.
No denial. He was a great guy but that wasn’t enough to keep the relationship.
He was always thinking of his self first not caring what I thought.
I felt he wanted so much more than he was getting from me.

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episode 3
I remember going out with my ex and him paying all his attention to another girl.
It was really bad because I had no one to talk to. I really hadn’t cared if he spoke to other girls. I hardly ever got jealous.
The only problem was that I was being left out.
I was dead bored and I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.
I had never felt so stupid.
I guess one of the reasons that I loved being single was because It was less stress.
After the outing he acted like nothing happened and I acted the same.
There were other times he did stuffs that got me angry but I always kept my cool, choosing not to make a big deal out of anything.
But he always had one thing and the other to complain about until we broke up.
At the age of twenty two I was still a virgin and I told my self, “Eriel it’s time you go on a self discovery, I was going to loose it”
Gone were the days were I had to think about what people would say.
I think I had even stopped thinking about that sh!t since. I decided to keep myself up until this time, not because of anyone but because I wanted to.
It was time for me to live a life for me.
So I said I was going to be going on a self discovery, and that was exactly what I did.
I wanted to be able to make my own mistakes, and regret them.
Did I mention I am serving?
Okay, I just did.
I met this sweet couple during my service year. Princewill and Jen. Although I met Will first, and I had actually had a thing for him but then, I discovered he had a girl who was Jen.
She was so sweet and we became friends.
Jen wanted a three-some and she told Will. Unknowing to me, they drew me closer.
We became closer. And I started sleeping over at their place.
The first time I slept over there, Jen went completely nude. Gallivanting around. She was really beautiful. Lol. But it took a lot than that to make me fall.
The second night I slept there, we went clubbing. And I got back with them completely wasted.
That night, they had s-x on the same bed I was. I knew at one point because I opened my eyes, and I watched.
But I didn’t let them know I was up.
The third night, it was cold and I rolled myself up like a ball. I think Will noticed because he started rubbing my legs and from there, he moved a bit higher and he started touching me, with his girlfriend laying right beside him.
I didn’t stop him, I loved the feeling. He came closer to me and told me what he wanted and I nodded foolishly.
But thank God for Jen who was having cold feet that night. She said she couldn’t.
That night, they had s-x again with me on the bed. This time I couldn’t watch, I turned away.
The next morning, Will started apologising. Sincerely speaking, I didn’t see why he should, but I left it.
He started asking me why I didn’t join in and I arched a brow.
I told him I was a virgin and I am glad I wasn’t stupid enough.
He didn’t believe the virgin part at first until later.
So I met Leo who was pals with Will and talk buddies with my ex. I had a crush on him in camp.
He was good with words and he was a flirt.
That I knew.
But by then I had made up my mind that I was loosing it. And he seemed okay. So I chose him.
Will was really mad at me, but that didn’t stop me.

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episode 4
So I went with Leo, Will’s best pal.
I know I could have taken someone else, but Leo was everything that I found attractive in a man.
Well, I thought.
We went to his house and that night he didn’t even waste his time in coming unto me.
At a point, I got scared and I started pushing him away, but that didn’t stop him.
I finally told him that I was a virgin and he didn’t believe it.
He pushed into me and the pain was hell. I screamed in pain.
I guess that was when he finally knew that I was saying the truth.
The next morning he started prophesying heaven and earth. Telling me that he would stay with me and crap.
I believed.
Will was still mad at me, I knew. But really, what did he expect me to do…..
I was only trying to save my self from the emotional heart break.
I went back to Leo’s again. I was so stupid. I didn’t enjoy the s-x the first time, yet I went back to him.
And as usual, he didn’t bother touching me before pushing into me. The pain was so bad.
He tried doing doggy with me, and I cried yet again because of the pain.
He made me feel like I s----d at s-x. That was when I knew that we both were never going to work. He was the first man I slept with and yet he was making me feel like I was not good at it. The next morning he started giving attitude and I made up my mind that I was leaving never to come back again.
I didn’t call Leo and he didn’t bother calling either.
I was hurt.
Jen asked what was up with me and I told her. I knew she was going to tell Will but I didn’t care.
At that point Jen was the only friend I could confide in.
I couldn’t confide in my believer friends because they would judge me.
I didn’t mention that I was an exco in church right?
Yea I was a worker in the lord’s vineyard, more reason for them to bash me.
Will came to me later on, telling me how he had tried to warn me about Leo but I wasn’t planning on listening to him.
Like he wasn’t the same thing. Mthcheww.
He told me not to hate guys. That they weren’t all the same.
We started chatting and he told me how he still wanted the thressome but he wanted me to himself first.
I went over to his place.
Another foolish move I made. The guy wasted no time. He undressed me and told me he wanted a blow job and I knelt down, unbuckling his belt. I brought out his d--k and I swear I almost fainted.
He was huge and fully erect.
Three times Leo size.
I thought he was going to tear me up with the monster of a d--k.
I held his d--k in my small hands and started by kissing his tip before taking him into my wet mouth trying to take the whole of him which was no where near possible.
He moaned.
I used my teeth gently on his d--k, moving up to his tip, suckling and nipping gently on it.
He growled and pushed my mouth away.
I thought I had done something wrong. He pushed me unto the bed, wearing a condom, he spread my legs wide apart and slide his d--k gently into my already wet p---y.
It hurt a little but not as much as when I was with Leo, probably because with Leo, I wasn’t wet.
Will was large. He filled me instantly. He started moving inside me.
Gosh, it felt so good.
Way too good. I was way out of my head. He lifted my legs high for deeper
Penetration and started slamming into me fast. The feeling was painful, yet sweet.
I was new to it but I was loving it. I came about two times before he removed the condom and slide into my wet waiting p---y. He moved so smoothly and for a brief moment I thought of Jen before he slide out again cuming on my flat stomach
It has been two weeks since I last spoke with Leo, although I see him during CDs but we never speak.
Maybe you could call the random “hi” a conversation……. But it’s not.
We acted like total strangers and it was best that way.
In fact, I loved it that way…it was easier to hide.
During the space of the two weeks so much has happened.
I was supposed to have said this since, but I didn’t see the need to bring it up.
I had issues with my first place of primary assignment because I refused to have s-x with my boss and he tried to make my life miserable.
I tried changing ppa and Nysc posted me out of the capital to the local government I met Will, Jen and Leo.
I had to go down to my new ppa to make an agreement. I was going to be paying them off.
I had no where to stay in my new LG so I usually go down there twice a month for cds because it was compulsory there.
I met Will first because he was the president of my cds and you know the rest of the story and how I met Jen and Leo.
The fitst time I slept at Will’s place hadn’t been intentional. I had traveled down to my new LG for CDs and Will had taken my phone, telling me to wait for him after cds.
I waited.
After cds, he introduced me to Jen, his VP and we became friends. We went to his house and we gisted (after which I found out jen was dating Will).
Will’s neighbours came visiting while I was there and they were both really funny. The dark one looked a bit rass with all his jewellery and all. I learnt later on that his name was Ola while the second guy who was Jeff was cute and tall….really tall.
They teased me a bit before leaving.
The life I had in my old LG was different from what I had in my new LG and I was enjoying every moment of it. Sometimes I would travel and stay there for a week before going back to my old LG where I was a good girl.
The last time I went to Leo’s, I had planned on staying there until pop before he started giving the attitude . I knew I couldn’t go back to Will’s and Jen so I went to the family house where I met Claron and Jane. They were new corpers and they were both staying in the family house in my new LG.
They got their apartment and they begged me to go with them, which I did because we had clicked. It felt like we had known each other for years.
Back to the present before I start diverting.
Leo and I were total strangers.
I was best friends with Claron and Jane.
And I was having the time of my life.
I started seeing more of Jef because he was friends with Jane and I felt he was into her. There was a time we were playing truth or dare and Jef came visiting. I was dared to kiss him. And I did. The kiss was mindblowing. I mean I could still feel tingles on my lips even after we kissed.
That night, we didn’t have light at our place because the connection or something was bad and Claron brought up the idea of us going to Jef’s place.
Jane and I gladly agreed and we packed our things for the night. I didn’t mention Jef and Ola were roommates and Will was no longer staying in the same compound because of some issue he had.
So we went to Jef’s and Ola’s place which was pretty spacious. Ola had been asking me to come over to his place and I had kept on refusing, when he saw me, he was pretty surprised and I felt bad.

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episode 5
Ola kept on giving me the “I know something is up look”. The guy had always been too smart and observant for my liking.
At that point, there was nothing up.
Jeff and I had kissed just once because of the dare and I felt he was still into Joy.
His neighbour and close friend was into him too so where would I have fixed myself in that triangle?
No where.
At that point though.
We stayed the night and it was fun. It was a full house too. Irene was around (the neighbour), Catty was around(Irene’s friend who was always on her phone), Obi their neighbour too was there.
We decided to play the truth or dare game and Ola was dared to kiss any girl and he came onto me, kissing me.
I refused to open my mouth or even kiss back because I wasn’t attracted to him one bit.
I kept on picking truth whenever it was my turn, until I got tired and decided to pick a dare.
I was dared to kiss all the guys in the room. I stood up because I am never one to turn down a dare. I gave all the guys a quick peck on the lips and I lingered more on Jeff because I wanted to feel the tingles again, which I did feel.
My next dare was to kiss the Obi guy for a minute and I did. Lol. They had to pull us apart by the time the one minute was over.
I was having fun.
The bottle fell next on Jeff and he was dared to blindfold a partner and make the partner kiss three places on his body without using hands.
He picked me and asked me to kiss his left n----e, head and lips. I did it and lingered more on his lips. He was a good kisser and I didn’t want it to stop because of the tingles. I forgot we were in a room filled with people and I let myself succumb to his kisses.
They literally had to draw us apart.
After the truth or dare. Irene and Obi left. Catty was spending the night in the same flat with us.
Claron, Jane and I started gisting, while Ola and Jerry were busy playing their ps.
After a while, Claron and Jane dozed off. I went back to my phone before I decided to bug Jeff a bit. I kept on pulling him, telling him I wanted Ola to win him. I distracted him for a while before deciding to go to bed.
I was already asleep when I felt a soft tap on my hand.
“Eriel won’t you give me a good night kiss?” He asked jokingly and I stood up with sleepy eyes, drawing his face closer. I nipped softly on his lower lip before sucking on it. He came closer causing me to lay down. He took my lower lip in between his lips before diving his tongue in.
This was the best kiss I had ever had.
I didn’t realise we had been kissing for a while because Catty had woken up and was staring at us.
“Hmmn. Really?” Catty said and Jeff pulled back giving me a final peck on my lips before standing up.
I felt heat rise up my neck. Thank God I was not fair, if not I would have been red by now. I turned away from Catty to hide my embarrassment.
The next morning was beautiful. Jeff kept on giving me lingering stares and I loved the warm feeling I felt.
Jane and Claron kept teasing me about Jeff but I most shoved it away.
“There is nothing there” I lied.
I was not ready to get hurt again. The pain Leo caused me was still there but I kept lying to myself. It was nothing.
Even if I didn’t like Leo in a dating way…..
Even though I didn”t get wet for him when he touched me…
I was still hurting….
I couldn’t understand why. Probably because I lost my virginity to him and the little I deserved from him was respect.
Just that!
But I had gotten nothing but shame and humiliation.
Jeff at this point was a means of distraction.
Oh….how I had needed this sweet distraction. Unlike Leo who had wanted me out of his house, Jeff wanted the opposite, he asked us to stay that morning. That we could stay for as long as we wanted.
Jane bought the idea because their friend she was seriously crushing on was around.
Claron bought the idea too and we went back home to get our stuffs that we would use for the next day.
That day was so hot that we had to go swimming. I wore a black piece that accentuated my assets. At first I was not comfortable. I felt like people were staring.
I later relaxed when we entered the pool although I couldn’t swim. I held on to the rail and Ola had to drag me off. Lol.
At least I was better than Jeff. He didn’t even attempt to try. He just sat there, pressing his phone and drinking his black bullet. Once in a while he would look at me and I would catch him staring. I would tease him and tell him I wanted him in the water with me but his reply was always a soft laughing, asking me if I wanted to drown him.
That day we played truth or dare in the water. Trust Claron and I. We no dey jonze. Lol.
After we got home that day, I went to the kitchen to prepare spag and Jeff followed me. Drawing me into his arms and kissing me.
I stretched to reach him because he was pretty tall and I put my hands around his neck to deepen the kiss.
I moaned. This was something I could get addicted to.
He pulled back and laughed, telling me to do what I wanted to do.
Irene came around that evening and she went to Jeff, laying her head on his legs.
I told myself it didn’t mean anything.
As usual, the house was a full house. Ola’s friends came from warri for clearance the next day.
They were so funny. One of them went to the same university I schooled in.
The guy had been in the same faculty I was. He even yabed me a bit. Lol. Telling me how I moved with only three set of friends and how he saw me as one of the school’s big girls.
I laughed because I knew I didn’t have much friends in school and me being one of those “big girls” was hilarious.
The next morning Claron, Jane and I went home. Claron and Jane went to work while I went to Jen’s place.
Will was giving me attitude because I had refused to talk about the s-x we had.
I was tired of getting all the attitudes. Jen and I started gisting when she asked “What’s up with you and Ola? I have been seeing pictures of you in their place”
I laughed inwardly, she actually thought I had something for Ola.
It was hilarious. Ola was a good guy but he wasn’t my type. I saw him as a friend.
“There is nothing between us. Claron, Jane and I spent the weekend at their place” I said leaving out the fact that we were still going there that night.
“So have you heard from Leo?” She asked and I remembered the jerk again. I frowned a bit.
“No, I haven’t. It’s better that way” I said calmly.
She gave me a pity look and waved the topic off.
We gisted a while before I decided to leave. I got home and the girls were already packing their things for the night. I went ahead to pack mine before we decided to leave.
The day was dark by the time we got to Jeff’s. The door was opened and no one was in the sitting room. Claron, Jane and I went to the room to drop our stuffs when we saw Irene standing at the door of the bathroom which was open, gisting with Jeff who was in the bathroom naked.

I acted like there was nothing wrong with what I just saw, even if I felt the sharp sting of pain in my chest.
We greeted her and left the room. Claron, Jane and I sat outside talking when Claron asked me, “what’s up with Irene and Jeff, are they dating?”
I shrugged, “I don’t know” because that was the truth. I had no idea. If they were dating, why would he be flirting with me?
Maybe i came on to strong on him.
I don’t know.
I didn’t know what to think.
Claron could see the confusion on my face.
“You like him” it wasn’t a question so I just shrugged .
Jeff and Irene came out to meet us. They gisted with us for a while and I refused to give Jeff any indication of emotion.
I wasn’t going to show him I was hurt. No man was worth that.
Jeff and Irene stepped out leaving us behind and I really didn’t care.
I lied to myself.
We were alone for a while before Ola’s friends from warri came back. Esiri was the guy that went to the same uni with me.
He asked where the rest were and we told him we had no clue.
So they decided to take us out to eat. The first restaurant we entered, we saw Ola, Catty, Irene and Jeff. We went ahead to greet them. Ola was giving the attitude while Jeff was just quiet .
What was up with the attitude thing anyway?
We left the restaurant because they didn’t have what we wanted and we went to a fast food instead.
We stayed there for a while. Eating, gisting and laughing.
This guys were really funny. Esiri kept on telling me how he liked me and I kept on laughing and waving it off.
I didn’t have the strength for drama in my life.
“So who is your boyfriend there? Jeff?” He asked and I laughed yet again waving it off.
When we got home, it was pretty late . Jeff was laying down, resting his head on Irene’s leg.
“Why is every one quiet?” I asked trying to brighten up the room. Irene smilled softly saying the clown of the house wasn’t feeling too good.
I stared at Jeff, his eyes were closed.
“Eya, I am going outside to sit” I didn’t know why I was explaining myself. Claron, Jane, Esiri and the other guy was sitting outside already and I went out to sit with them . I wasn’t comfortable.
Esiri was still flirting with me but I wasn’t flirting back. I stood up after a while and I told them I was going inside.
When I got inside, Irene was gone and Jeff was on the bed pressing his phone while Ola was sleeping.
I went to lay next to Jeff. “What’s doing you?” I asked jokingly.
“Just a little headache but it’s getting better now” he said dropping his phone.
I wanted to ask what was up with him and Irene, but I bit my lips from asking the question.
We started gisting and I forgot that I had wanted to ask him a question .
Claron and the rest came in after a while to sleep. Jeff and I kept on gisting even while others were asleep. The light went out and he drew me closer to his side for a cuddle. I loved cuddles, something I had never gotten from Leo.
We stayed like that for a while before he began rubbing my back softly. It was feather light. I sighed.
He tilted my chin upwards with a finger and brought his lips down to mine. I nibbled on his lower lip. Suckling on it before using the tip of my tongue to trace his lips.
He drew me closer, deepening the kiss. He fought for dominion. He brought his hand down to my chest, pinching my n----e through my light singlet.
I moaned softly. My n-----s were already erect. He palmed my left b----t and squeezed gently. I felt the rush of warmth on the lower part of my body.
He lifted my top up and used his tongue to trace my small pointed n----e, like he was savouring my taste before he dived in, suckling hard on my n----e. I pressed his head closer.
He used his other hand to pinch my right b----t.
I bit my lips from moaning out aloud
He brought his lips back to mine, kissing me before bringing his hand down to my shorts. I wasn’t wearing panties. I don’t wear pants to sleep. When he noticed, his breath caught. He used a finger to push gently into me, before adding a second.
I moaned.
I was wet. I could feel my juices down there. He pushed his fingers into me, finger f-----g me. I moaned.
I felt his fingers on my c--t, tugging on it gently. I had never felt this good before. Leo hadn’t bothered going through the foreplay, neither did Will.
Jeff was good with his hands and lips. He tugged on my c.lit again before I felt my legs vibrating and loosing myself.

Still ur humble boo
[2/2, 2:33 AM] ? ? ? BUSANJ ? ? ? : #Finding_me

episode 6

The next morning Esiri and his friend prepared to leave for warri. He started giving me attitude.
I had no idea why.
Before leaving, he gave me his phone to put my number, which I did with sleepy eyes.
He left with a “I would call you when I get home”
I nodded sleepily before going back to sleep.
That morning we went to a buka for breakfast. We had akamu and akara. The woman’s akara is pretty good.
While we were there, Leo came to meet Ola and Jeff.
I had no idea he was coming.
I rid myself of every emotion, something I had grown to be pretty good at doing.
Ola noticed something was amiss so he kept staring at the both of us, trying to find God knows what.
After eating, Jeff paid the woman and we stood up to leave.
I was wearing a dark pink polo that hugged my body like a second skin.
Ola stared at my chest and said something to Jerry, causing him to laugh and look at me.
I arched a brow.
“What are you guys laughing about?” I asked causing Ola to laugh again.
Trust Ola to speak his mind, “Your boobs are standing and looking fuller this morning. The sight is attractive” he said laughing and I hit him playfully on the arm.
I saw Leo looking at my chest before he diverted his gaze.
The jerk.
He had gotten it all. He had been the first to claim it . I knew that was the thought running through his head.
I hated him.
I hated myself for feeling cheap.
I thought the saying of how a woman never forgets her first and always craves for more was applicable to everyone.
But why not me?
We got home and I went straight to the bathroom. I felt a presence at the door and heard Jeff’s voice.
“I want to see you” he said jokingly.
“Don’t you dare” I said with a playful stern voice.
“I want to see your face” he said laughing.
I opened the door, hiding my body behind the door.
“You have seen my face now, happy?” I asked with a smirk.
He brought his face closer, resting my forehead on his.
I stretched to give him a peck. That wasn’t enough.
He bit my lower lip softly before drawing it for a kiss. His tongue dived into my mouth, making love to my mouth.
The feeling was a bliss.
Somewhere outside I heard Leo saying “Eriel I am off”.
I concentrated on the kiss, forgetting every other thing.
Jeff was the one to withdraw.
He was breathing hard .
” Your lips…, your kisses, my God, it is something I could do forever” he said softly, his eyes on my lips.
I felt heat rise up my neck.
Every guy I had ever kissed said the samething. I loved kissing. I loved guys that could kiss.
But d--n, Jeff was really good.
Too good.

“What’s up with you and Leo? I want to know the truth. I have seen you guys talking before and now you guys act like total strangers. You didn’t even bother telling him goodbye before he left” Ola said with a concerned face causing me to sigh.
Claron and Jane had gone to their ppa. Claron was the CLO at the local government while Jane was a teacher in a college. Jeff had gone out to handle his CDs project because he was the president of his cds.
So I was home alone with Ola.
“There is nothing up between us” I lied.
“Eriel we both know that’s not true” Ola said plainly.
“Yes it’s not. Leo is a big flirt. He goes after everything in skirt. He was the jerk I lost my virginity to. And instead of receiving the list bit of respect he acted like I was a bug on his shoulder. Me, Eriel. God knows I don’t cling to men. I hate them being clingy to me. After s-x I maintained my own lane, not wanting all the touchy touchy thingy from him or me giving it to him either and yet the last time I went to his house, after the s-x, he pushed me away like a rag doll and he started giving me the attitude. D--n him!” I bursted out, wiping a tear that had escaped from my eyes. modest mother of the groom gowns
Ola hugged me and I felt more tears escape from my eyes. I never knew I had been this hurt.
“Why him? I thought yo had a thing with Will” Ola asked and I pulled back sniffing, trying to calm the rapid beating of my heart.
“Will was my friend’s boyfriend” I said with a shrug.
“Like that changes anything. I know Will, if he wants a girl, he would have her. I knew he wanted you” Ola said
“And he didn’t have me” I lied.
“Then why Leo?” Ola asked.
“I wanted someone I had no emotional attachment with to avoid the drama and I had a little crush on him in camp” and that was the truth, I had given myself to Leo thinking it would cause no drama, and now, my life itself was a drama.
“I understand you but I still find it hard to believe that you were a virgin. I mean you are beautiful and desirable, any man would want a piece” Ola said with a playful smirk and I hit his arm playfully .
“I wish now that curiosity hadn’t gotten hold of me” I said truthfully.
“But you know a girl never forgets her first. At some point you guys would come together again” Ola said.
I shook my head, “there is no way in hell that’s happening” I said strongly.

So yes….it was finally the day I had been waiting for. The day I would get to wear my khaki for the last time.
I was excited, I was going to be leaving this f----d up state. I was going to be having nothing to do here anymore.
I saw so many people I knew from camp. I mixed up. I was happy. Super excited.
The que was something else though….but I finally got my certificate.
I gave my local government inspector one last sweet smile when all that was in mind was “f--k Nysc, it is finally over”
I took pictures with people I knew, even with those I had forgotten their names . Leo came to take a picture with me all smiling and I smiled in the picture.
I wasn’t going to allow an a-s destroy the vibes of today.
I was looking extraordinarily pretty today. I knew because I had taken my time preparing.
Jeff and I left the local government after all the plenty pictures. Lol. He wasn’t a picture fan.
Jeff was organising our passing out party which was an all night in house party.
It was going to be fun. I knew because it was Jeff of course.
That night me and the girls prepared to party hard. There was nothing stopping me from doing anything tonight.
I took my time with my makeup, making sure my brows were on fleek and my highlights and contour stood out.
I wore a black bodycon dress that hugged my body like a second skin and a pair of sneakers. I wore a neck piece, bangles and crystal earrings, packing my hair up in a bun.
I was ready to party.
The moment Jeff saw me, he couldn’t take his eyes off.
“Fish, keep staring and I would disappear” I teased him and he laughed.
“You look eatable, you no go blame me” he said still laughing.
“Fish” I teased hitting his arm.
“You look beautiful sincerely speaking” he said with no trace of smile and I felt heat rise up my neck.
“Thank you” i said smiling.

The party was booming, Ola was still trying to high up all the girls though.
I wasn’t a spirit fan but that night I took it all. Not caring that I was mixing up different drinks all together .
I had never tried smoking before but that night was going to be my first. I was planning on exploring every side of fun without leaving any stone unturned.
Jeff stepped out when the guys started passing on weed abi SK, I was too high to even ask what it was but I took it taking my time to draw a smoke. The feeling was undescribable. I had never felt this way.
Claron took the weed from my hand giving it to a guy seated next to her.
“Oya Eriel, let’s step out, your eyes are barely open” she said laughing and she stood up, helping me up.
On our way outside, I saw Leo coming in.
“Eriel we need to talk” he said staring at me, ignoring Claron who was standing next to me.
“About?” I asked not even bothering to be polite, I was done being polite.I Gus’s the highness was helping too. I wasn’t doing that any more.
“You know” he said smiling before acknowledging Claron.
The bloody jerk. So he thinks he can get another lay because I had been so easy foolishly making him my first.
My steps were not straight and Claron laughed as I staggered.
“You are high” she said and I refused. We walked towards Jeff who had been making a call.
When he saw me, he laughed.
“You are high” he said causing Claron to laugh.
“A bit” I finally admitted. Claron led me to him, scared that I was going to miss my steps.
“Oya, take your property. I am going inside” she said with a soft laughter.
Jeff pulled me close, bringing his lips down to mine.
“No more drinks for you” he said before his lips entangled with mine.
We stayed out for a bit and the air helped a bit. At least, by the time we got inside I wasn’t staggering anymore.
The music had stopped and they were playing the devil’s basket by the time we got in.
I was dared to twerk in front of everyone. There was nothing there so I gladly stood up to do it. By the time I was done, Irene was sittinging next to Jeff and all the seats were occupied.
A guy sitting next to Claron suggested carrying me and I agreed. He looked awfully familiar. I think I had seen him around Will and Leo, once or twice.
The game went on and Irene was dared to make out with any guy of her choice and she chose Jeff.
I couldn’t watch. The guy carrying me noticed and he rubbed my back softly .
I had no idea what that was supposed to do. The next dare fell on Leo and he was dared to suck on any girl’s n----e for a minute and he chose me.
I saw Jeff watching and I noticed that Irene was no longer by his side.
When Leo came unto me, I didn’t stop him. He s----d on mg n----e for a minute and I felt nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
The next dare fell on me, and I was dared to kiss Claron, which I did without thinking.
I went back to sit on the guy’s leg. We later got tired of the game because we had done everything, so we went back to dancing. I went ahead to dance with the guy I was with, trying to convince myself that I wasn’t trying to spite Jeff.
“I am Somto” he introduced himself.
“Eriel” I said with an innocent smile.
“I know, you are really quiet. Every time I see you, you are not talking” he said and I arched a brow.
“Really, you always meet me at the wrong time” I laughed.
“I would love to see you a…” He was cut off by Jeff.
“Bro, if you don’t mind?” Jeff asked causing Somto to step aside, going to look for mother dance partner.
He later ended up with Irene.
“I can’t watch that guy flirt with you” he said with an indifferent expression and I just shrugged.
“So what do you want?” I asked him while he led me away from where people were dancing to the bed.
He sat down first, pulling me to sit in between his legs.
“About Irene making out with me, I…” I cut him short.
“You don’t have to expain, you know?” I said.
“I know but I need to. I didn’t kiss her back. It is true we had a thing once or twice and she was aware that we were both doing it for the fun.When she noticed I had a thing for you, she started acting up. I tried to make her see reason that I wasn’t dating her. I knew she was trying to put me in a tight corner when she chose to make out with me” He said in my ears because the music was pretty loud.
“So why are you telling me this?” I asked .
“Because I want you to know. I couldn’t watch you with that guy, he was all over you. He told Irene that he wanted to have s-x with her and she came to tell me, asking for a permission and I told her if she wanted it, why not. She was angry I had said that” He said with a sigh before he continued.
“The guy is a sharp guy, because the next thing I see, you are sitting on his leg and he is kissing your back” he said angrily.
“Hahahaha, he was, I didn’t even notice” I said laughing.
“I want you Eriel” Jeff said softly.
“After the s-x, what next? I can’t do this Jeff” I said pouring out my heart.
“I want you Eriel,