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open back items to wear of the wedding

i dream to have a small celebration during my wedding day. small but full of love and blessing. i want my guess to feels the love that happens around us, happy with the marriage, enjoy the foods and keeps on smiling. i do dream to get married @masjid besi or masjid putrajaya coz the view sooo damn stunning and i dream to wear a simple pastel dress coz i want to feel how great i can be a queen to my king.

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Salama and I were talking about one of the worst days of our marriage and believe it or not one of them was actually our wedding day, we kept laughing at how it was supposed to be the most beautiful day of our lives but ended up being a day we didn't really get to enjoy.

In the Arab culture weddings are a big deal and a lot is spent on making these weddings a big deal, a big deal for other people that is. Our wedding wasn't something we wanted but it was the norm in both our families, and communities, so we pretty much played by the rules and spent all this money making it happen, money we didn't need to be spending, money we could have spent on something better.

If it were up to us we would have had a small wedding, on the beach somewhere, with family and friends. We would have focused on each other and what we both wanted, because a wedding day is very similar to a marriage in the sense that you should care about making each other happy first, about you both being comfortable, about you both creating a day that's perfect for each other, and not worry about what others think. open back items to wear of the wedding

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