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plus size boho wedding dress

Torn between a rock and a hard place, and it's killing me!!!........Soooooo, my grandson gets a free dress down day...it's usually a $1(funds are going towards the 8th graders graduation), but its free 2Moro "IF", he wears an Eagles jersey or t-shirt.......only one in our family who likes the pigeons is my son ZAIRE! Now should I just let him wear his uniform to school or go get him a "PIGEONS" shirt like the rest of his classmates, BCUZ I really don't care! Hell dare to be different from the rest I say! He's only 6 in the 1st grade and gonna hit me with, " Memom I was sad the last time everybody had on Eagles shirts except me"! With the sad eyes! He's good! plus size boho wedding dress