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3+ daily positives (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic):

1. I met my twin yesterday. Her name is also Debbie, she’s also half Norwegian on her father’s side and her mom has the same ethnic mixture as mine. We have a lot of similarities. Even our hair is the same mess of unruly curls. We were also the only Caucasian “girls” at the wedding today.

2. Yesterday everyone in our group (18 people) had dinner together at a Japanese-style restaurant where the cooking was a show in front of us. Deb and I didn’t watch too much of it though because we were too busy talking and getting acquainted—discovering all our similarities and shared interests.

3. Yesterday I managed to walk over 16,000 steps. That is amazing, given the arthritis in my knees. I’m so glad I could do it though. I didn’t get nearly as much walking in today, in part because I was greatly fatigued from yesterday’s activity but still I managed over 7000 just because everything here requires a lot of walking to get to.

4. The predicted thunder storm for today happened this morning while Tom and I were still sleeping so it had no impact on our day or on the wedding we came for.

5. The wedding was beautiful.

6. The couple met and fell in love 40 years ago on a beach in Vietnam as young teenagers. Their families escaped Vietnam on the same boat spent time in the same refugee camp in Hong Kong and then lost touch. Life happened. And then after both we’re divorced from their first spouses, they found each other again. It’s such a beautiful love story.

9. And their parents had gone to high school together in Vietnam. What a story! There were jokes at the wedding about the impending movie.

10. After the ceremony and group pictures and while the bride and groom spent time with the photographer on their own, the rest of us were treated to a “cocktail hour” with live music. Watching and listening to them brought so many good memories of growing up in a church with a lot of Caribbeans, many of whom were great musicians too and some of the songs were calypsos that my Mom loved to listen to. I videotaped them singing “Yellow bird, high up in banana tree” to share with her. princess style ball selections silhouette wedding garments

11. The musicians loved Tom’s enthusiastic response and participation, especially his singing along.

12. Tom was asked at “the last minute” to MC the reception. As usual, he did a bang-up job. He’s so gregarious!

13. The highlight of the wedding meal for me was the wedding cake—multilayered, fluffy and creamy. I’ve never had anything like it.

14. The whole meal was delicious—a buffet where there was so much food that more was left over than was eaten.

15. Our waiter was exceptional, going out of his way to meet our needs and wants.

16. Even there were only 18 of us including the bride a groom, we had a dance floor with planned dances between the bride, groom and various immediate family members (as well as dancing for everyone later). The dance I found most moving was with the bride and her 16-year-old son. What a beautiful thing to watch!

17. Another very moving event was the bride’s daughter’s tribute to her new step-dad, telling how fatherly he has been right from the beginning.

18. My favourite dress of the evening was that of the bride’s daughter. It consisted of two parts—a form fitting short beige dress covered by a very long transparent dress covered in brilliantly-coloured embroidery. It was stunning.

19. The bride was also stunning in her ivory, form-fitting gown. What’s impressive is that at 53 she has the figure to wear such a thing.

20. What’s even more impressive is that her 80-year-old mother-in-law also has a smashingly good figure that showed off well in her dress. This woman, at 80, has been going to the resort’s gym every day so she deserves the figure she has but being Chinese sure doesn’t hurt either.

21. After a wonderful day I’m so glad to be in bed resting. I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep.