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Are we back to pick on Taylor. Why? I don't know what is real from my point of view. Not televised but better man loses broken halos by Chris Stapleton if you can't see irony M Henderson what no Harry and Henderson jokes or Hendersonville. Or big is a group you say you support until you don't. Better Man says man and your interpretation based on her is obvious. That song I can to myself and to something my separated wife could say and I would agree to a point. I wish I could explain what it is to people that you could understand. But no one not even I understands me. The arguments today are justified but come across as ignorant as can be. The isn't what it seems that is true. And is too afraid to see it. To afraid to admit it's faults and how that effects everything. Image is everything but the one you are referring to. The public image is interesting but fake. She is a lot better person they than even my own family. The impression I have based on very manipulated media information. The world does not want truth just stories and I wonder what we are complaining about. I wonder who picks poor as a character to play then doesn't want to rise. There's a lot of BS these days but explain any of the complaints and get back to work. I can be anything I want to be is the only positive thing ever said to me. All live is imaginary and threats are common practices. Where do I look for inspiration in a game. She may be off base in other things but through cryptic innuendos I look for everything and my mind will not forget and find new possibilities from any perspective. They have to shut me down before I can feel it. Or leave me searching for a answer. We write things down. Does she know where she gets her material. Some just comes to you. I don't like claiming because because I don't assume I am the only one. Always about winners and losers. Shame tactics, threats of harm for asking a question? SLs hmmm funny sorry losers? No wins are the order of the day. What do you win? Yes the universe doesn't work in mysterious ways. You all know the answers? No the universe can be like the genie in a bottle and act like the Liz Hurley in a red dress With Brandon or ING Fraser. Be careful what you assume it will interpret you. The dog in Fraser yes irony once again. You can't lose what you never had. I never assume your connection to that universe is nothing. YOU ARE THE NOTHING. AND DON'T CORRECT IT IN A SADISTIC MANNER. A CHILD. There is no excuse for that one either. You are usually given choices but not always. We do manipulate each other like these Grammy awards. What no white favoritism omg and how it needs to be manipulated to show changes. Unbelievable, no it is not. What else has been done? For the record everyone is you just don't know it. Equally and opposite on everything. Be careful what you wish for and revenge is never. Because you aren't shown or punish in a way you think any contract outside of your beliefs is a lie. Logic on everything you have to proof it or no one can argue as not possible. Where’s Waldo these days and Carmen? And admitting to things. OK name it and why is it important for you to know. Your cause needs a poster child etc. You can't imagine what it might be like. Taylor just say to all of it because you can imagine to gain understanding. Reverse why do you need to know. Is it life or death. Etc. If one does another has to do it. Do they know that? Ahh can not make a proper decision in a unjust world. Claims are tort law it some changed. If you tell people nothing and make up so much what happens when can't explain? Take advantage of. Yes that is true. Put someone in something with no help. Just think about it. Tie goes to All unless you are lying. Dependant for life on what. An order. Of that and 46 is common as is 911 in human normal. K and Q do u have different or undesirable chromosomes? Genetics and it's indicates as far as we are told. Told is key. prom dresses for sale