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rhinestone prom dresses

Do you have dresses, skirts, trousers, tops, jackets that are too big or too long? Why not give them a little nip and tuck or shorten them?

Do you have trousers that are a little short in the leg but fit perfectly elsewhere? Why not make them into crops or shorts?

Do you have trousers or shorts that fit perfectly apart from a gap at the back on the waist? Why not nip it in?

Do you have garments that you just don’t like the sleeves on? Why not make them shorter or even remove them?

Have you ever refused to buy a garment because it just don’t sit right in one area, whether it be the hips, bust, length, waist?

Stop!!! We are all different shapes and sizes and one size does not fit all therefore buy that garment and let me make it perfect just for you. rhinestone prom dresses

I offer a very friendly, personal service local to you in Biggleswade.

Contact me at https://www.facebook.com/simplyalterationsbasic/

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