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white colored ball items to wear of the wedding

Thursday 15 February 2018. At 0415a it is 62°F (!!) with a High of 78°F and Most Cloudy skies later on.
A “Lake Wind Advisory” has been issued for most of the day.
“The Kitty Kat’s in The Camo Barn Saga” continues. Today we learn of the travels of Lola’s “Partner In Crime”, Gray.
Now, Gray’s “Vet Name” is Gypsy. We didn’t know that, nor did anyone here, until Jo took Gray in for a Vet Check, something that, apparently, had not been done on a regular basis until our arrival some years ago. white colored ball items to wear of the wedding
So, she’s Gray.
Gray is the affectionate one. If you sit in her domain she will be in your lap sooner than you can straighten out the pleats in your prom dress.
She’s also the “follower” of the two and she followed Lola down to the CB two (now three) days ago.
When it came time to close up, and Lola had loaded into the truck, Gray was nowhere to be found so I shut off the lights and closed up the doors.
Guess who met me at the door Tuesday morning. Yep.
Same routine yesterday.
I don’t normally have cat chow available in the CB. Cat food is caviar to White Tail Deer.
I do now. Yesterday, when I filled a bowl next to REDACTED’s water bucket, Gray camped out for a good 20 minutes.
She is a pest at times. Any Cat Owner (I use the word “owner” loosely) knows of what I speak.
My main two work surfaces are set up in a “H” deal with my Manly Man Tool Chest in the middle.
She learned quickly she can jump between the two surfaces and does so, depending on where I decide to put my work.
I thought I might string new lights on a woven reed Christmas decoration yesterday. Not happening with Gray assisting.
So before this turns out into a post about cats, causing a loss of points on my Man Card, how ‘bout ‘dem Giants?